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Why The Rueth Team?

The Rueth Team is dedicated to our clients success. It is this driving mission that keeps our team constantly learning and pushing beyond our boundaries. We find the solutions other lenders simply can’t (or won’t). We make a commitment to each borrower, fulfilling it with hard work, constant communication and creative problem solving. When a referral partner gives our name, they are confident knowing they are giving their clients the best chance of a smooth, successful experience.

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Total in Funded Loans 2019:


Thousands of our customers have benefited from our low pricing and great customer service.

Families Served in 2019:


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Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Are you a first time home buyer?

The Rueth Team has extensive experience helping first time home buyers find the perfect home that checks all the boxes. From budget to location, schools to walkability, we help you find exactly what your searching for. Our process makes the experience painless from start to finish! Contact independent mortgage broker in Denver for assistance!

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Building Wealth Through Real Estate 

Multi-Generational Wealth

As an owner of 19 rentals and the proud Mom of a 20 yr old first time home buyer; it is my personal mission to support as many people as I can to build multi-generational wealth through real estate. Most American’s (including me) will not build the next rocket to the moon; but what we can do is buy a home, and then the next one and the next one.  And the best part is, we can do that in such a way that we protect ourselves from economic downturns and improve our financial wealth for many generations.

Living the American Dream 

We don't count "transactions"; we support families. With a goal of supporting 500 families in 2019; The Rueth Team was put together to do and be more, not to make more but to support and anchor our families in the American Dream of Homeownership. We love what we do, celebrate each closing and work extremely hard to never disappoint. The best part is we are walking along side you as we are homeowners and investors ourselves…living out the American Dream!

Dedication to Client Success

We love to find YOU solutions other lenders can't (or won’t), because we are personally committed to each of our client’s success story! What makes the Rueth Team unique is that we all work together to find the solutions for ONE set of clients and referral partners. Unlike other mortgage professionals, we employ our combined skill-set and years in the industry to bring you the results you deserve. To put is simply… we aim to give you the best experience financing what we believe is your biggest asset, and we take that seriously!