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Physician, Doctors and Dentist Loans

Physician and Dentist Loans

We understand each physician’s unique situation, including student loans and pending employment contracts. Our loan officers, processors and underwriters have been specifically trained to identify the problems you are likely to face and the solutions you need. Whether you are going into residency, starting a new position, are self-employed, 1099′d or in private practice, we understand the complexities of your situation and know how to select the correct loan program that is right for you.

We ask the right questions to find out where you are in your career and or transition.

We ask you specific questions about your student loan status, exactly what kind of employment contract you will have and how you are compensated.

We talk to you about your timing for closing, your employment start date and when your relocation to Utah needs to occur.

The solutions we prescribe are based on your specific situations and our clear understanding of all the lending land mines surrounding student loans, new employment contracts, low or gifted down payments and loan amounts often above the conforming loan limits.

Yes, we get it!

Highlights for the suite of solutions our team offers includes:

Purchase or Refinance
EXCLUDE Student Loan Debt
Use future income
No Mortgage Insurance
As little as 3% down
20, 25, 30 year, Fixed-Rate and ARM Mortgage Options
Purchase 90 days prior to starting new position

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