Getting Creative to Maintain Business as Usual

Market Update - March 23

By Nicole Rueth - March 23, 2020


How do you maintain business as usual as much as possible is the question I am asking myself everyday.  We all can agree.. the last seven days were surreal.  The next 7, 14, 21 .. will be as well. Making sure I have the most up to date information during this time has become even more important.. and how I am staying grounded.

Last night a member of the Federal Reserve Board, stated that the biggest lesson learned from 2008 was that the Federal Reserve did not act fast enough.  We have seen them in action already.  They threw everything they had at the problem last weekend...  dropping the Fed rate to zero and adding another $700B in purchases after committing to $1.5T the week before.  This morning they announced they are going limitless.. YEP .. you heard that right. Spending as much as it takes to keep businesses and governments afloat... purchasing treasuries, mortgage backed securities, commercial securities (ie. multifamily), corporate bonds, and muni bonds.  Let's deal with inflation later.. game on!

Colorado Governor Polis came out last night saying Colorado was going to do business as usual as much as possible as well.  Not putting us into a Shelter in Place, but mandate all essential businesses thin their workforce by half.  I agree and had already sent my team to work from home last week.

We are also seeing FHFA stand up where needed.  They announced last week that they had rolled out mortgage forbearance.  Today they announced work around for appraisals through desk appraisals and drive-bys.  Work around for Verification of Employment has opened up to personal cell phone for HR department contacts, emails from company domains, most recent paychecks and/or bank statements to show income.

Title companies are also getting creative with buyers bringing their own laptops and signing in their car.

We are all getting creative in this time of disruption... to maintain the dream of homeownership!

Stay tuned as I send out more regular updates.  And give us a call if you want to know what this means to you!  Our team is ready to not only keep you informed but support you!

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