What to do When You Lose Money in the Stock Market

By Nicole Rueth - January 8, 2019

Like so many others, I used to put all of my money in 401ks and IRAs, then that happened.  So what do you do when you lose money in the stock market?  ... Start looking for diversification.  Here's how I started building wealth in a very real way through real estate.  

As an owner of 23 rentals and the proud Mom of a 20 yr old first time home buyer; it is my personal mission to support as many people as I can to build multi-generational wealth through real estate. Most American’s (including me) will not build the next rocket to the moon; but what we can do is buy a home, and then the next one and the next one.  And the best part is, we can do that in such a way that we protect ourselves from economic downturns and improve our financial wealth for many generations.

Building wealth through real estate
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