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NO OBLIGATION TRAINING: Market Mastery & “Done for You” Marketing tools delivered every 3rd Thursday of the Month.  The market is changing… you need to be the expert; to thrive and MAKE MORE MONEY!

As a member of DMAR’s Market Trends Committee, an avid champion for building wealth through real estate, and a self-proclaimed data geek, Nicole will share market trends and commentary that will help you be the EXPERT.  Want to sell more homes?  Understand what’s scaring your buyers?  Agents, join us every month for an exciting in-depth analysis of today’s Real Estate market.  See how industry statistics and market news can be used to help educate and motivate your buyers and sellers.

Every month, Nicole Rueth is joined by a guest speaker from a range of professional disciplines chosen specifically to up your game.  Walk away with talking points, slides & information to set yourself up as an industry expert.

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3rd Thursdays
Zoom Webinar Series

July Class – 1 hr CE Course - Zoom Webinar

Presenter: Sima Patel
Remote, virtual and electronic signings

No, this is not your average boring title class. In this class you will learn about how Covid-19 has impacted signings, tips and tricks to protect your clients, most common title issues to prevent delays and tools to help create transparency through the transaction process.

1 Hour CE Course - "Remote, virtual and electronic signings"

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August Class – TBD - Zoom Webinar

Presenter: Jay Clark, CExP™, RICP®, Lucet Advisors
Budgeting and Cash Flow Management Strategies for Realtors

Budgeting sucks.  We are wired to spend what we have, when we have it, and most budgeting strategies focus on trying to fight against this, with short-lived results.  To further complicate things, many real estate professionals find it frustrating to manage their cash flows with the seasonality of their income cycle.  In this session we will cover simple tools, mindsets and strategies for helping you have the breakthroughs in your cash flow management you’ve been seeking.

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September Class – September 17th – Zoom Webinar

Presenter: Amber De La Garza
Smart Strategies To Be Less Stressed And More Profitable

This training will help you launch your business to the next level because you’ll discover the secrets to reclaim time so you can spend more time focusing on profit-producing activities. And if you’re overwhelmed managing the day-to-day operations of running your business or feel like you never have enough time to accomplish what matters most, guess what? I’m going to show you some proven strategies to overcome those challenges, reduce your stress, and increase your profits.

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